About Us

It's fun working with us.

About Krinal Technologies

Krinal Technologies provides on demand mobile and web solutions to Enterprises. The solutions offered include development of static and dynamic websites, web applications, games, web services and apps for android and iOS platforms.

The famous Quote in Telugu says "Ulli Chesina Melu Thalli Kuda Cheya Ledu (ఉల్లి చేసిన మేలు తల్లి కూడా చయ్య లేధు) " which means "The Good Done By an Onion Cannot Be Replicated Even By Your Mother" . So just like Onions, we strive to serve our clients with prodigious commitment and generate value.


To be a go to mobile and web technology solution provider for clients who aspire to be in the path of generation next.


To build mobile and web technology solutions that are economic, effective and efficient for enterprises

Our Process

We are big believers in transparency. We use research to help inform decision making throughout the strategic,
creative, and technical process.


Wireframes, Design Concepts, Revisions & Finalisation


Content Integration, Programming, code for custom requirments.


Usability Testing Verification, Design Qualality Check Approval


After Quality assurance your site will be officialy live.